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Union STR - White

  • We continue to evolve the STR beyond it's pricepoint. We dropped the highback down from the Atlas into this model making it look and ride like a $350 dollar binding. Injected Ankle Straps make this binding incredibly durable and responsive
  • All-Mountain
  • BASEPLATE: Canted Stage 5 - Duraflex
  • ANKLE STRAP: ExoFrame 2.0
  • HEELCUP: Extruded 3D Aluminum
  • RATCHETS: Aluminum
  • BUSHING: EXT Thermoformed EVA
  • TOE STRAP: TS-1.0 Hexgrip
  • HIGHBACK: S11-Atlas-Duraflex
  • FLAD: Tool-less Flad
  • HARDWARE: grade 8.8 steel
  • DISK: Cambered Mounting Disk